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We are working with the organisation Attitude is Everything to ensure we are constantly striving to improve the experience for all our customers, encouraging inclusivity and equality at our venue. 


Our Primary contact is James (reply within max 3 working days) 
01132459487 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)


The venue consists of one main blank canvas room. This can be set up in a variety of ways depending on the event.  Our main entrance is flat with no steps. We also have step-free access to the event space via a roller shutter door. Our door team or event staff will be able to assist. Once in the venue, all public areas are step-free. 

Accessible Tickets

We are partnered with Resident Advisor (RA) who provided ticketing to all our electronic music events.
Other types of event may use a variety of different ticketing providers. 

Every event has the option for a Deaf or disabled person to bring a personal assistant/support worker at no additional cost when purchasing their own ticket.  
To get a PA ticket you must follow the ticket purchase link for the relevant event, then first select a standard ticket for the person needing assistance and then add on an additional free PA ticket option. this may vary depending ont he ticketing provider. If you have any issues ordering a PA ticket please contact us directly.


As standard we only sell E-tickets. However, if you need to purchase a ticket another way you can contact us directly and we can arrange to provide/pay a ticket in a way that may be more convenient to you.

Enjoying the Show

Our main space does not as standard have a raised viewing platform. for larger capacity standing events a viewing platform is created depending on the event layout. 
For seated events, we use portable fold-out seats that are configured differently depending on the show. This means we can offer accessible seating in any area you’d prefer, our staff can assist in quickly removing a seat to create a wheelchair space at any position in the room. If you’d like to access the event space early to choose a space or facilitate this process please contact us in advance. 
Staff can also provide a chair at any point during a standing show on request.


At this stage of TESTBED (TESTBED 1.2) we hire in toilets on an event by event basis. There is always a provision for accesible toilets at every event. We do have one permanant accesible toilet on site. 

Travel and Arrival Guide

The venue does not have its own parking. There is council-operated on-street parking on surrounding streets (Butterly Street, Sheaf St)  on evenings and weekends it is often very easy to get a space within 30 meters of our main entrance. 

Alternately there is a private car park just off nearby Sheaf St, which has 3 accessible parking spaces. 
It is possible to drop off or pick up from right outside the main entrance on Butterly Street itself. 
•    Leeds Train station is 900m away from the venue
•    Leeds Bus Station is 910m away from the venue
•    The closes bus stop is 50m from our front door - (Crown Point F - or Crown Point D)

Our address is 
110 Hunslet Lane
LS10 1ES

You can find our front door on ‘what 3 words’ using adult.neon.robots

If you require assistance on arrival at ticketed events our security team will be the first people you meet. 

Customers with Medical Requirements

We welcome attendees who need to bring medicines, food or drink to manage a medical condition or medical equipment.  If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us in advance to discuss.

Assistance Dogs

For certain ticketed events in the event space, only assistance dogs are permitted. Please try to inform us in advance if you are an assistance dog user. 

Strobe Lighting

The venue does use strobe lighting for club night events. Notice is given upon entrance, please contact us if you have any concerns. 


TESTBED is a cashless venue, only card payments are accepted at all our bars, box office, and cloakroom.

Why? - Since 2019 all The Wunderkind Group premisis have been cashless. There are no tills, no cash, and no safes on the premises.
Being fully cashless helps to ensure the safety of our staff and our building. 

We researched and considered the decision long and hard. We are aware that being cashless impacts those who find the access to, or the use of card services difficult. We have our own internal policies in place to ensure all our customers have an accessible and enjoyable experience, Please contact us if this would be prohibitive to your visit and we can arrange a solution. 
We accept all types of card payments, as well as contactless e-payments via smartphones, watches, and other devices.


TESTBED does not tolerate the use and consumption of drugs of any kind, unless medical. Our security team will search all attendees. 

We believe nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear. TESTBED operates a Zero Tolerance Policy. We do not tolerate any harmful or disrespectful behaviours such as : Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Transphobia, Ableism, Ageism, Fatphobia. 

Our staff and door team have received training to help them, and us as an organisation to better understand, respond to, and prevent sexual harassment and assault. 


For most large ticketed events a cloak room is available - £2 per item
All items are left at your own risk. Items may only be returned a with valid cloakroom ticket.
If you have lost your ticket, you will be required to wait until either the end of the night or the next day when all items have been claimed. 
No ticket, no item. Unclaimed items will be kept in lost property for no more than 6 weeks, at which point they may be donated to charity.

Free sanitary products are available from the cloakroom


We use ticketing provider Resident Advisor for all electronic music events - they will be able to help with any ticketing requests or issues you may have, you can also contact us if you have any questions.

Other types of events may use a variety of ticketing providers please contact the specific vendor of your ticket. 


Please check with the specific event organiser as to weather the event is Dog and or Child Friendly. We aim to make as many of our event as possible be both dog and child friendly. 


At TESTBED as standard, we only implement a 'No Football Shirt' dress code. 

Please feel free to come dressed however you feel most comfortable and fabulous. 
Specific events may have additional dress codes please check with the organiser. 

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